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Tain will help you to set up your goals and to track habits or To-Do tasks.

Goal Management

You can manage multiple goals that you want to achieve. You can set a deadline and a numerical target for each goal.

Habits and To-Do

You can set up habits and To-Dos to achieve your goals. You can set your frequency at your own pace.

Daily Task Management

You can manage your daily tasks generated from habits or To-Dos.

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Progress and Review

You can see your progress toward a goal. You can review your activities at your own pace.


You can use the notification function for each task by specifying the time.

Change the app theme

You can choose from a variety of wallpapers and colors to create your own theme.


Effective Process to Achieving Your Goals

Tain has been developed based on the concept of OKR (Objectives and Key Results), a goal management method used by Google, Microsoft, or Facebook. OKR has been attracting attention as an innovative goal-setting method since many companies and people have successfully achieved the goal by leveraging this method.

Set Goals

Set goals you want to achieve. Use tangible, objective, and unambiguous terms.

Plan Activities

Plan activities that will help you achieve the goals. Then determine around three target values for each goal to measure progress.

Daily Efforts

Make progress in your daily tasks.
Review your pace regularly.


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Achieve more with the Tain mobile app.
Tain will help you to set up your SMART goals and to track habits or To-Do tasks.


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You can manage your daily tasks to achieve your goals.
Also, you can review your progress or your pace at a glance.